Lebrac Paisajismo - Landscaping & Conservation FILOSOFIA

To create spaces according to the conditions of each place

The naturalization of the landscape is the best environmental option which also involves the optimization of resources such as water and the certainty of a long-lasting garden over time.

A tree is an evolutionary logic that has to inspire the rest of the approaches to be carried out in the landscape

Lebrac Paisajismo - Landscaping & Conservation FILOSOFIA

We take into account the species that are in the land on which we are going to work. Over time, nature has created a suitable habitat for the specific conditions that occur in that space.


We design gardens with personality in tune with their surroundings, arranging the species that are given and best adapt to the environmental conditions of the land. We design and plan hand in hand with nature: what we call the naturalization of landscapes.

At Lebrac Paisajismo, we seek harmony with the natural environment by means of the use of materials originating from the surroundings to offer a green space belonging to the landscape, even with plant species that by their rusticity, best represent the nature of where it is located.

Lebrac Paisajismo - Landscaping & Conservation FILOSOFIA