Design and Creation

Lebrac Paisajismo. Landscaping and Conservation: Design and Creation

As a fundamental basis for garden designs, the ‘Forest Ecotype’ and the associated flora of the specific ecosystem are analysed, targeting the arboreal species from the evolutionary point of view to be able to propose a plant group adapted to, and capable of, coping with the climate and the geological substrate so that the geobotany interpretation becomes the first explanatory factor of the gardens created by Lebrac Design.

In the scope of style, the main design pattern is the massive use of plants to configure spaces that satisfy clients’ needs, that is to say, to create with plants, emphasizing structural issues such as the use of aesthetic order civil works.

Valmedianillo Project, rustic property in Alía, Cáceres

Landscaping and conditioning of exteriors of a house located in the Villuercas-Ibores-Jaras natural setting, nestled among cliffs in the valley of the Valmedianillo stream.

For the choice of plants, a botanical study of the surrounding mountain ranges was carried out, yielding a conclusive result in which the abundantly present strawberry trees and laurustinus were the main plant elements in the making of paths and hedges.

The proposal focused on arranging the space with a predominance of clean areas that would capture the potential of the views, with the use of the dominant taxa, so that the house would become the centre of the landscape and maintenance efforts would be minimized. Even more so when water is obtained constantly by the outcrops of natural springs between the rock formations which, collected in small reservoirs, nourish the property with enough irrigation for the conservation of the gardens in the most extreme summer conditions.

The use of plants from the surroundings supports the prominent building between sets of hedge lines on a single grass platform. The dominance of the landscape becomes evident when the mists cross the valley and seem to be able to touch each other”

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